Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Community Seventh-day Adventist Church | Yuba City, California


Church Leaders

Pastor - TBD

Dixie Lysinger, Lead Elder for Discipleship

As lead elder for discipleship, Elias sees his primary role as helping to foster, in collaboration with the pastors and other church members, an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth in every member.  Key to this growth is the cultivation of a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with disciple-making being a natural bi-product of this relationship.  Part of Elias's job is to coordinate our church's small group ministry. Elias is married to Maya and has four children. 

Joanna Lohman, Lead Elder for Administration

As lead elder for administration, Joanna's focus is on a variety of tasks including helping with coordination of the worship service, organizing the elders for action, and networking with members and newcomers. Joanna is married to Everett and has several adorable grandchildren. 

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Linda Sanders, Lead Deaconness 

Lead Deacon

Phyla Caldwell, Office Manager

Phyla serves as office manager and all-around organizer for many ministries here at our church. Without Phyla, our church wouldn't run as smoothly as it does.  The dedication and commitment she brings to each task shows in the success of the various ministries under her leadership. Phyla also serves as one of our church elders. 

School Board Chairperson