Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Community Seventh-day Adventist Church | Yuba City, California


Christmas Events for December, 2017

December 23 – 10 am Worship Service     “No Place Like Home/Refugee, Runaway, Reject”     We often take for granted the early years of Jesus' life. He was literally a political refuge, an asylum seeker; running away from a hostile ruler.  What else might Jesus have suffered, just to be able to relate to us? He was a refuge to the refuges, an outcast to the outcasts an abuse victim to the abuse victims.  His homelessness brought with it, an invitation to come home.  For refuges, there is something healing in being able to cook your traditional food. Even if you are in a new country, at least you can eat like you're back home. – Pastor Zach Rieber

December 23 - 12:30 pm      Fellowship Potluck      Our potluck luncheon follows the 11:30am Bible Study time.  All are welcome. If you wish to help with food, you are encouraged to bring a main dish, salad (green or fruit), side dish or dessert. Organizers are looking for dishes that could serve 8-10 people.  But do come with or without food. 

December 23 – 5:30 pm    Sabbath Evening, December 23, join us for a special Candles and Carols.  It’s a time for family and friends to enjoy this special time of year. 

December 29 - 6 pm   Communion Service    What a wonderful way to end and begin the year with a Special Evening Communion.  

December 30 – 10 am Worship Service   “New Year’s”